Image of the basic hand tools needed to make jewelry at home

Beyond Beading:

Silver Jewelry you can Make at Home

Have you ever wanted to make your own quality crafted silver jewelry?


Now you can!  You’ll be amazed at what you can create with just a few hand tools and some small equipment.

We offer step-by-step jewelry-making instruction guiding you through creating fabulous jewelry you’ll be excited to wear…

With a focus on the fundamentals of forming, our lesson plan bridges the gap between the beading enthusiast and the level of silver-smithing that requires the use of commercial torches and large equipment.  Through a series of jewelry projects, we introduce new skills that build upon each other.  Whether you have already been making your own jewelry or you are brand new to the art form, you can benefit from our instruction because it’s focused on the mechanics you need to craft with quality and consistency.

There’s no big investment to get started, you can slowly build your arsenal of tools…

If you (or someone you know) makes jewelry already, you are probably aware that a jewelry craftsman can tend to accumulate a lot of tools.  But our goal is to keep these lessons approachable.  We feature a streamlined list of tools and show you all of the awesome jewelry you can create with them.  Plus you can acquire the tools as you need them instead of having to purchase them all at once.  This reduces your risk factor, just in case you don’t enjoy the craft.

Are you intrigued?  There’s no time like the present to get started with your journey to making well-crafted jewelry!



If you are local to North Scottsdale, Arizona we offer project-based local classes perfect for beginners at the Holland Center just off the Carefree Highway…