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The online membership community for jewelry makers who want to craft quality, stylish, artisan jewelry right from home.

Gain confidence while shopping for jump rings ...

Get my comprehensive guide answering all of your questions about jump rings including size recommendations, size charts, and sources.

Image of the basic hand tools needed to make jewelry at home

Beyond Beading:

Silver Jewelry you can Make at Home

Have you ever wanted to make your own quality crafted silver jewelry?


Now you can!  You’ll be amazed at what you can create with just a few hand tools and some small equipment.

We offer step-by-step jewelry-making instruction guiding you through creating fabulous jewelry you’ll be excited to wear…

With a focus on the fundamentals of forming, our lesson plan bridges the gap between the beading enthusiast and the level of silver-smithing that requires the use of commercial torches and large equipment.  Through a series of jewelry projects, we introduce new skills that build upon each other.  Whether you have already been making your own jewelry or you are brand new to the art form, you can benefit from our instruction because it’s focused on the mechanics you need to craft with quality and consistency.  And, we happily share our tips and tricks honed from years of making and teaching jewelry.

There’s no big investment to get started, you can slowly build your arsenal of tools…

If you (or someone you know) makes jewelry already, you are probably aware that a jewelry craftsman can tend to accumulate a lot of tools.  But our goal is to keep these lessons approachable.  We feature a streamlined list of tools and show you all of the awesome jewelry you can create with them.  

Our ‘Build Your Foundation’ jewelry making journey is ideal for a beginner …

Getting started making jewelry can be overwhelming.  So, we begin with simple assembly projects you can make with just 2 pairs of jewelry pliers.  Before you know it, you’ll be making jewelry your friends and family will admire.  Then as you progress through the various projects, your skills will develop as you slowly acquire more tools and supplies.

Intermediate jewelers love our ‘Make it Modular’ journey …

For those with a bit more experience, we’ve designed a series of tutorials featuring jewelry with versatility.  The ‘Make it Modular’ journey showcases custom clasps, stylish segments (bracelets and necklaces) and other jewelry components that play well together.  With this knowledge, you can create a jewelry capsule wardrobe with options for all your favorite outfits.

It’s all available with a membership to the Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center!

Are you intrigued? Take a peek at our free online jewelry tutorials for beginners …


There’s no time like the present to get started with your journey to making well-crafted jewelry!


Try out our free jewelry making tutorials to get a feel for our teaching methods and the type of guidance and information you’ll find in the Learning Center.  These lessons are an excerpt from our ‘Build Your Foundation’ jewelry making journey designed to welcome beginners into the fold.  You’ll find comprehensive instruction to get you started with the art of opening and closing jump rings, and an introduction to working with sheet metal along with a unique twist on using liver of sulfur patina to make colorful copper earrings.  Enjoy!