The tools you’ll need to craft amazing jewelry at home…


There’s a huge number of tools for making jewelry, but my focus is to introduce you to some basic tools that can be used to explore and experience the art form of working with precious metals like sterling silver, and copper.


I will surely continue to add to this reference, but I begin with the essentials and will expand the list with each area of study.  As you may have already discovered, I am striving to help you to learn the art-form of crafting jewelry in phases, so that you do not have the need to invest in a vast array of tools all at once.  Hence the tools are arranged under various headings.  So please take note that each additional skill set may (or may not) use some of the tools that are listed above that heading along with those added in that particular segment.

Click on the photo for further details about each tool…


Tools for basic assembly:

Tools for stringing beads: (as well as the tools listed above)

Tools for forming with wire: (as well as many of the tools listed above)