Jennifer Hanscom has been teaching project-based jewelry classes since 2007.  It was Kathleen Doherty, former owner of Creative U in Carefree, AZ that inspired the desire for her to teach.  Jen found that her hospitality experience from many years working in the restaurant industry transferred beautifully to this new forum.  She strongly believes that learning should be fun.  Even though she has a wealth of knowledge to impart, the classroom atmosphere is light-hearted and supportive.  “We were all new to making jewelry at some point in time” says Jen as she shares her philosophy about why you shouldn’t feel intimidated.

Her background includes schooling in architecture, commercial embroidery design, and designing and making custom window treatments among a myriad of various crafting and building projects.  In 2005 Jen and her husband moved from the cold and snowy climate of central New Hampshire to the warm and sunny Phoenix valley.  That is when she discovered her love for creating silver art jewelry.  Her wire-work is completely self-taught through trial and error.  With an analytical approach she discovered how to repeatedly create the same shapes with wire.  Upon taking community classes in the basics of metalsmithing, she was off and running.

Pulling from her former experience, designing jewelry projects was a natural evolution.  She continued to expand her knowledge bank with classes in fusing glass, precious metal clay, stone setting, and casting.

It was shortly after finding her knack for crafting unique art jewelry that she joined a few others and they started a supportive group for female artisans.  This was how she met Kathleen and began to teach.  Before working with other artisans, Jen didn’t realize the magnitude of her abilities.  Now she uses those abilities to help others develop their skills.

It can be something as small as the guidance to apply your pressure half an inch from where you were or the advice to change your approach to gain more leverage thereby allowing you to achieve something that you didn’t think you had the strength to accomplish that makes Jen a unique instructor.  Her classes are designed for adult learning.  She strives to utilize your past experience and other interests to convey the techniques she is presenting.  Her classes offer comprehensive written instruction with lots of photos so you can re-produce the project after class.  “Having the experience of executing a new technique in a cute project where the details have been mapped out for you affords a greater understanding for you to then utilize that technique to create your own designs”, says Jen.  She hopes to inspire you to explore these skills and see what you can create with them.

Jen’s own collections include a wide array of jewelry disciplines.  Her aesthetic is an elegant line with timeless appeal.  Upon studying her signature designs, you are sure to be intrigued by the construction.  They could be described as wearable puzzles, yet the attraction is in the feminine composition.  In an effort to spread the positive energy that she finds so fulfilling when teaching, her latest lines embody deep meaning.  She has designed various components based on positive intentions such as “flourish” and “balance”.  With these components she assembles jewelry to be worn as a talisman to inspire, enhance or celebrate the intention.

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