Learn to make stylish artisan jewelry right from home!

Forget the large equipment and focus on fundamental jewelry making skills to create a versatile jewelry wardrobe that coordinates with all your favorite outfits using hand tools.

Are you interested in learning how to make jewelry at home?

Learning how to make jewelry can be overwhelming. 

Whether you have an idea in your mind, or not, it’s hard to navigate the wealth of information available.  You are not alone!  My guess is you associate with one of the following:

Maybe you are a beginner seeking a new outlet …

Jewelry is a great hobby!  But the art of making jewelry encompasses a big world of various techniques.  So, where do you begin?  What tools do you REALLY need?  Where should you buy materials? 

Perhaps you are already an adventurous DIYer …

If you’ve been dabbling with jewelry tutorials on YouTube or even taking various jewelry making classes, you’ve likely discovered there’s a wide variety of tools, techniques, and opinions.  It can feel like starting all over again with every new source.  You bounce around from one project to the next without any continuity connecting the dots. It can become confusing, and you can spend a LOT of money on materials, tools, and equipment you really don’t need and may never use again. 

Or you are an experienced hobbyist …

You have enough experience to realize that the details really do matter, so now you’re seeking access to quality fundamentals that will help improve your craftsmanship.  Maybe you’re renting time and access to the big commercial equipment at a local studio, but it’s not always convenient, so you’d like to explore what’s possible at home.

Imagine how great it would feel …


  • To have a professional you trust guide you on your jewelry making journey.

  • To have a detail-oriented instructor presenting a series of jewelry projects curated to connect the dots and leading you through a curriculum that strategically builds your skills, tool collection, and jewelry wardrobe.

  • To have a welcoming community of makers to share the experience!

Introducing the new Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center!

The online membership community for jewelry makers who want to craft quality, stylish, artisan jewelry right from home.

With a Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center Membership, you’ll have:

  • An ever-growing selection of jewelry making tutorials and courses showing how to make jewelry you’ll love to wear
  • Direction – we offer 2 specific Jewelry Making Journeys: ‘Build your Foundation’ which is perfect for beginners, or anyone interested in re-visiting jewelry fundamentals, and ‘Make it Modular’ which is a series of tutorials featuring jewelry with versatility – great for intermediate level jewelry makers. It showcases custom clasps, stylish segments (bracelets and necklaces) and other jewelry components that play well together.
  • Perks of my unique approach – working with measuring charts and dialing in your forming skills will improve your craftsmanship which will prove useful for many various techniques as you expand your scope.
  • A trusted pro you can ask questions either throughout the month in the community forums, or on our monthly live Q&A call where I can demonstrate the answers.
  • The ability to watch a demo whenever you want – as many times as you like – and even stop/rewind to see that last part again. 😉
  • A reasonable list of tools and equipment with a whole bunch of great jewelry designs you can craft at home.
  • Quality written instructions for quick reference while you’re working. (You can build up quite a Jewelry Classes with Jen Reference Binder!)
  • Patterns and reference charts you’ll be thrilled to have at your fingertips.
  • The inside scoop on findings and materials I use in the jewelry projects.
  • And a welcoming and supportive community sharing your learning adventure!
Image of Jen the jewelry instructor

Hi!  I’m Jen.

If you don’t know me that well already, I’ll let you know I am lovingly called an “anal artist” (hahaha).

I am an award-winning jewelry artisan, and forming with precision is at the crux of a vast array of my designs.  When it comes to making my own jewelry, I strive to be meticulous.  Over the years I have been drawn to rhythmic patterns of repetitive shapes. 

Why am I telling you this?  Because to achieve precise repetitive components, I studied angles of force, varied pressures, and other mechanics of forming.

And the good news is I am a great translator!

So, while there’s lots of science behind my accrued knowledge, I can simplify things and describe what you need to do to achieve a specific result with practical tips and advice.

I have been teaching the art of making jewelry for 15 years.  And over the years I developed a unique approach utilizing measuring charts and making patterns to help specify tool placement and targeted force for forming with accuracy.  These methods have helped hundreds of students craft successful jewelry projects even at very beginner levels.  And now I am filming my demonstrations and offering them on this great online platform, so you can view the lessons repeatedly any time you wish.

Here’s what my students have to say …

“You are, without doubt, one of the best jewelry teachers I have ever worked with. Your instructions are always clear and concise. You provide detailed, written instructions, along with verbal directions and actual hands-on modeling to show the proper way to work for every step of the way.  I have taken many classes with other well-known artists, but none teach as well as you. Many artists can be good at their art, but not a good teacher.  You stand alone in your ability to create, design, AND teach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

~Sannah Sharp

 “Jen is a fantastic instructor.  She is always patient and always willing to share her knowledge.  She has a very unique gift to be able to teach skills so that everyone in the group can understand.  Her supportive teaching approach visually shows the detailed steps of the project, coupled with step-by-step instructions with photos.”

~Kim Ivanenok

“Your instructions are precise and thorough, and the step-by-step pictures of each step make following along very easy.  Your attention to detail is a lifesaver for those of us whose “organic” style makes duplicating difficult.   Earrings may be in my future thanks to your reference charts.” 

~Tucky Harrison

“Thanks for making jewelry making more enjoyable and less frustrating.”

 ~Yvonne Ball

Now you can benefit from my experience, instruction, and guidance by joining the Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center online!

With your membership you’ll get:

  • Access to the private JCWJ community center where you can share your jewelry making journey with the other members through discussion forums, profiles, messaging and more!
  • An ever-growing gallery of Jewelry Project Tutorials and Courses featuring fashionable jewelry designs you’ll be proud to wear with supporting pre-requisites and suggestions for your next steps.
  • 2 Jewelry Making Journeys: ‘Build Your Foundation’ and ‘Make it Modular’ – curated series of lessons that connect the dots as you learn.
  • Video demonstrations showing key jewelry making skills you can watch over and over.
  • A collection of Jewelry Making Reference you don’t want to live without.
  • The inside scoop on Sources and Suppliers for the materials used in my projects.
  • Monthly Q&A calls on zoom.
  • And a monthly social call to connect with the other members.
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Have some concerns?

Here are the most frequently asked questions and comments I hear from students:

I am not a creative person – I don’t think I would know what to make.

You don’t have to be “creative”.  My job as an instructor is to show you what you can do and how to do it.  I provide a clear end-goal for my tutorials with step-by-step instructions guiding you the whole way.  If you want to adlib along the way, you certainly can.  But I find many students are more successful exploring alternate designs once they experience the technique first-hand.  This is your chance to learn how to “play” again as an adult.

What do I need for a workspace?

The initial projects I suggest in the ‘Build Your Foundation’ jewelry making journey for beginners can be done virtually anywhere with decent lighting.  I often assemble jewelry using a breakfast tray while sitting in my living room.

As the projects progress, you’ll want a sturdy table you are willing to scar or a protective covering on one you care about.  It really depends on the actual technique you are employing.  There are sharp tools that can scratch like files and emery, and other tools that clamp onto the edge of your work surface like a jeweler’s bench pin for sawing.  For years I used a 4’ folding table made from pressed fiberboard (like an old school banquet table).  The plastic tables can vibrate quite a bit if you are hammering.

What if I find I don’t like making jewelry?

The JCWJ Learning Center is a relatively low-cost way to test the waters.  You can get started with very little investment in tools or supplies, and you can cancel your membership any time.  So, if you are on the fence, just join for a month.  If you find you are liking it, you can continue to renew monthly or upgrade to an annual plan.

How expensive are the tools and materials?

Overall, we work with a limited selection of hand tools and small equipment.  My advice is to just purchase the tools and materials you need for your current project.  You can slowly acquire more tools as you expand the scope of your skills.  While some of the projects can cost a bit more to craft in sterling silver, there’s often the option to hone your skills while working in copper which is substantially less expensive.  So, there’s no prescribed amounts I can share with you.  Just know that you are in the driver’s seat, and you can choose to purchase tools and make projects at a rate you can afford.

Do I have to buy supplies from you?

No!  In fact, I go out of my way to share my sources with you so you can shop for yourself.  I want you to become an independent maker and flourish beyond the scope of what I present.  The world of jewelry supplies and materials is huge though, so I offer my guidance to help you find your way.  My students have often reciprocated this good will and shared great sources they find once they know what they are seeking.

Can I just make whatever project I want from your gallery of tutorials and courses?

Yep – you sure can!  Our jewelry making journeys are simply suggested paths to help you learn new skills and then get some opportunity to practice them while slowly building more skills.  But each project offers suggested pre-requisites and the tool list up front, so you can work on what inspires you if you wish.

I will share with you, that many students end up circling back looking for the nuggets of information they were missing by skipping around.  But sometimes, when you want to make something specific, that’s what you want to do.  So, I have made it as easy as possible to access the supporting content you’ll need.

Join today and let the jewelry making adventure begin!

Join Now for just $19/month

Join Monthly

Set up a recurring monthly payment of  just $19 and get all the benefits the Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center has to offer.

save money - join annually for $190/year

Join Annually

Save $$ - set up a recurring annual payment of  $190 and get all the benefits the Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center has to offer.