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Photo of the Cleopatra Chain Bracelet     Photo and link button of the forged neck wire project.     Picture of the soldered link earrings project


Pic of Prong-set cabochon pendant         





Pic of Asymmetrical Infinity Link Bracelet        Squiggle Pendant pic

     Scroll Ring picture 



Soldering Jump Rings 2x3 72dpi wm WB     Soldering Jump Rings neckform 2x3 72dpi wm WB     Wire-wrapped Ear Hooks 2x3 72dpi wm WB     Low-Dome Links 2x3 72dpi wm WB

Spiral Sculpture Ear Hooks 2x3 WB     jump-ring-earrings-web-button     spiral-dangle-earrings-wb     

       Infinity Hinged Cuff 2x3 WB copy     

      Tube Setting with Teardrop Frame 2x3 72dpi wb   

          Open Swirl Drop Earrings web button

Forged Scalloped Chain web button   Twisted Ribbon Link Earrings 72dpi wm 2x3 wba copy   Wishbone Earrings web button   Scalloped Chain Bracelet 2x3 wm WB

Wire Wrapped Links web button   Festive Spiral Earrings web button    Ribbon Candy Links web button    Forged Wire Ear Hooks 4x6 72dpi WB

 Forged Ripple Pendant 2x3 72dpi wm WB    Intro to Wire Weaving web button   Sleek Wire Wrapped Glass Cabochon web button   3-Strand Wire Wrapped Cabochon

Elegant Wire Clasps web button    Wave Ring 3x3 72dpi wm WB    

Pallion Soldering Rings web button    Band Ring web button        Sweat Soldering web button

Re-purposing Scrap Silver 2x3 72 dpi wm WB    Advanced Sweat Soldering web button    End Caps 3x3 72dpi wm WB

Sweat-soldered Pendant 2x3 72dpi wm WB        

Tab Clasp 3x3 72 dpi wm WB     Band Ring with Bezel Setting 3x3 72dpi wm WB

3 strand cuff 3x3 wm WB copy    Riveted Link Earrings 2x3 72dpi wm WB    Riveted Links 2x3 72dpi wm WB

Riveting Intro web button   Reticulated Pendant web button   Pierced Pendant web button

Grommeted Links web button    Layering with Spacer Rivets flower web button    Riveting with Tube web button    Compass Pendant 2x3 72dpi wm WB

Pinwheel Pendant 2x3 72dpi wm WB    Tab-set Pillow Pendant 2x3 72dpi wm WB    Lattice Cuff 3x3 72dpi wm WB

Folded Pendant 2x3 72dpi wm WB    Folded Beads 3x3 72dpi wm WB    Puzzle Clasp web button    Multi Strand Leather and Copper Necklace web button

 Expand-a-Spiral 2x3 72dpi wm WB    Graduated Queens Chain 3x3 72dpi wm WB     Two Tone Chains web button