Are you shopping for jump rings to make jewelry?

Then you need my Jump Ring Buying Guide!

Do you find yourself asking questions like …


    • How do I know what size jump ring I need?

    • How do I know what size my jump ring is?

    • How do you measure a jump ring size?

    • What gauge should jump rings be?

    • What is the best gauge for jump rings?

Well, you are in luck!  Because I have created a free Jump Ring Buying Guide to answer all your questions, and even some you didn’t even know to ask.

image of the free Jump Ring Buying Guide

This comprehensive jump ring buying guide delivers tons of great content including:

A detailed explanation of jump ring sizes ~

Terms like jump ring gauge, inner diameter, and outer diameter are clearly explained.

Guidelines about what size jump ring you should use ~

Whether you are looking for jump rings for earrings or jump rings for a pendant, I offer my recommendations on what size open jump rings to use to make quality crafted jewelry.

Jump ring size comparison chart ~

Converts American standard sizes to metric jump ring sizes – so you can see, at-a-glance, that a 5/32” inner diameter jump ring is about the same as a 4mm ID jump ring.  This allows you not only to comparison shop from various sources, but also to feel confident knowing that you’re ordering the size you want even though you’re buying a ring utilizing a different measuring system than your reference recommends.

Jump ring size chart ~

Offers a visual reference of the various size jump rings you need to make jewelry.  This is also great if you have a jump ring you like and want to get more of a similar size. It can also be helpful to determine what size jump ring would offer the visual appeal you desire.

Formulas to translate inner diameter to outer diameter sizes ~

These formulas help you compare jump rings listed as inner diameter verses those listed with the outer diameter.  Lots of bead stores sell their rings with just an outer diameter measurement.  If you know the gauge of the ring, you can use this formula to figure out what the inner diameter is and determine if it’s an appropriate size and strength to use as an open jump ring.

A jewelry wire gauge chart ~

Lists the numerical thickness of the most common American wire gauges (AWG) you’ll find in jump rings for jewelry making, listed in both millimeters and decimals of inches.  This is very helpful when a store only lists the thickness and not the gauge of a jump ring.

Where to buy jump rings ~

There’re some solid recommendations for reputable sources you can depend on for quality and value.

Here’s what my students have to say …

“As usual…. This is over the top! So helpful even to those of us with some experience.”

~ Kim Ivanenok

“I still have this information from your classes, but not all together, and feel that it’s an invaluable resource!” 

~ Judi

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