Image of all three sunshine polishing cloths

Sunshine Polishing Cloths:

These cloths are a fabulous product to finalize the polish of your jewelry pieces.

When you are working by hand, these sunshine polishing cloths provide a final polish for your jewelry.  They’re perfect for sprucing up a piece to show it off or maintain it between wearing.

My choice:

Sunshine polishing cloths – exclusively from Rio Grande

Pink-Yellow -Blue

This series of three cloths can finish your jewelry to a beautiful professional looking shine…

You can watch the video explaining their use on the Rio Grande website or just click here to watch it.

Just like with emery paper and sanding sponges, use the pink cloth in a single linear pattern when possible, not oscillating (in circles), or varied directions.  The yellow and blue however can be used in a circular motion to prevent leaving a pattern on your surface

Where to purchase…

You can order these directly through Rio Grande.