Slurry coated polishing cloths

Slurry Coated Polishing Cloths:

These amazing cloths can produce a mirror finish by hand!

Slurry coated polishing cloths can produce a mirror finish by hand!  They’re perfect for use after sanding to refine your hand-made jewelry.  And the flexible surface allows you to use them to get into narrow spots.

My choice:

Slurry Coated Polishing Cloths in a pack of nine grits from 360 – 4000

I like to use these after sanding with emery paper and/or sanding sponges. 

Although they are marked with grits similar to the emery paper, you’ll soon discover the grits are not as aggressive on these cloths.  But these cloths have their own place in your tool kit. 

  • They are very flexible and the grit does not fracture like with the emery paper.
  • They’re totally waterproof, so you can rinse off residual build up to help them remain useful.
  • You can cut a strip and mount it in your jeweler’s saw to get into tiny crevices.
  • They bring your surface from the satin look of sanding right through to a mirror finish if you work every grit in order
  • They can contour to your surface

Bottom line… this set of cloths is great to have on hand!

Just like with emery paper and sanding sponges, use these in a single linear pattern when possible, not oscillating (in circles), or varied directions.

If you progress through the grits of these cloths in order, you can achieve a finish similar to using professional polishing equipment.  It just takes some elbow grease. 😉

Where to purchase…

You can order these through my local supplier C&D Silver.  There may be other sources available, but as always, I like to provide you with at least one option for purchasing.