image of a retractable sharpie marker

Retractable Ultra Fine Tip Sharpie Marker:

These are great for marking your metal…

The marks come off with just a quick swipe of rubbing alcohol.

My choice:

Retractable Ultra-fine Tip Sharpie Marker

There are a lot of instances where we need to precisely mark our metal while making jewelry…

A bench jeweler would scoff at the idea of using a marker.  They use carbide scribes because they are working in such fine detail.  But with the understanding there’s already some thickness in play by using a marker, if you are precise when marking your material, these can be very useful for the hobbyist!

I highly recommend the retractable version, because you can open and close the marker with just the one hand.  It’s not uncommon to be grasping what you want to mark with your other hand by the time you think to open the marker.  And, the ability to close it with a simple click helps you keep from leaving the marker open and letting it dry out.

Where to purchase…

I readily find the retractable version at OfficeMax.