Image of 3M Sanding sponges

Sanding Sponges:

3M sanding sponges save your hands and contour to the surface of your metal…

Sanding sponges are a great tool for refining the surface of your metal jewelry components.  The soft nature of the sponge allows the abrasive surface to adapt to slight height variations on your jewelry components providing a nice even finish.

My choice:

3M Sanding sponges in the following grits:

Superfine ~ Ultrafine ~ Microfine

These little sanding sponges work great and they’re easy on your hands…

Although they also come in medium and fine grit, I typically only use the three finer grits: superfine, ultrafine, and microfine.  You can use the acronym S.U.M. to remember which one to use first… Superfine, then Ultrafine, and then Microfine.  If the superfine doesn’t remedy all of the blemishes in the surface, I recommend using emery paper first.  Also be aware that as the sponges are used, the grit becomes worn down.  So it’s good to have more on hand.  These are often my go-to resource for finishing the surface of jewelry.

You can find these at most jewelry supply sources.  I typically cut them down to fit in my hand better and also to reserve the rest for future use.

Just like with emery paper, you use these in a single linear pattern, not oscillating (in circles), or varied directions.  If you have never sanded jewelry before, read my description on emery paper as well.  The ‘give’ of the sponge allows you to reach slight variations in the surface of your piece, which can be very helpful.  However, if you have a stubborn blemish, you may be better served to attack that with emery paper first and then re-visit the sanding sponges to even the finish.

The results after using all three grits completing the cycle with the microfine sponge may be the final finish you desire, but if you want to get more of a shine then follow up with the Slurry Coated Polishing Cloths.

Where to purchase…

You can order these through my local suppliers C&D Silver or SJ Jewelry Supply, or larger suppliers like Rio Grande to name a few sources.  But just like with the emery paper, it’s the local sources who allow you to purchase just one if that is all you need.