Image of rubbing alcohol

Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol (or even better – denatured alcohol) is a staple in the jewelry making realm.

Used most commonly to remove the markings from sharpie marker, rubbing alcohol is very handy to have around.

My choice:

91% Rubbing Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is your friend to remove the markings you make on your copper and silver pieces.

I am a huge fan of using a marker to notate measurements and designs on your metals.  Rubbing alcohol is your friend for removing it with ease.  Though I feel the 91% is more effective, the 70% works as well, so if you have some of that already on hand, go ahead and use it.  You can also use denatured alcohol which is found at the hardware store in most places.  The denatured alcohol doesn’t leave any film, although it’s not necessary for common use. 

Depending on the jewelry piece, you can use a paper towel, tissue, or Q-tip soaked in the alcohol for removing your marks.

I recommend washing your jewelry with dish soap and a soft toothbrush before wearing it to remove any polishing compounds and chemical residue that may irritate your skin.

Where to purchase…

You can get isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol at your local drug store or grocer.  If you prefer, you can get denatured alcohol at the hardware store in most areas.