Image of ProtectaClear Clear Coating

ProtectaClear Crystal Clear Coating:

ProtectaClear is a crystal clear polymeric resin coating you can use to seal your copper jewelry.

This coating is self-leveling and provides durable protection for your copper jewelry.  It comes in two forms, paint it on or spray it on.

My choice:

ProtectaClear Crystal Clear Coating

ProtectaClear is a resin-like coating for your copper jewelry.

Made by Everbrite in California, this coating comes in two forms appropriate for working with jewelry.  You can either spray it on with an aerosol can or you can paint it on or dip your jewelry with the regular can.

This coating is a fair bit thicker than the Nikolas clear lacquer.  It’s touted to be very durable, but I have not been using it long enough to compare durability with the Nikolas.  So far I have been extremely happy with this product.  You can read more about it here…

Where to purchase…

You can get ProtectaClear Crystal Clear Coating through my local supplier, SJ Jewelry Supply or through Everbrite directly.  Keep in mind that aerosols can only be shipped via ground services, so it may take a bit longer for shipping.