Image of Pro-polishing Pads

Pro-Polishing Pads:

These handy little polishing pads are very effective for a quick polish or to remove liver of sulfur patina from oxidized jewelry.

With embedded abrasives right in the puffy little pads, you can use these pro-polishing pads to remove oxidation or liver of sulfur patina from the surface of your copper and silver jewelry while shining the surface at the same time.  Just don’t get them wet, or they become sticky and smear gummy residue on your piece instead of polishing.

My choice:

Pro-Polishing Pads

Pro-polishing pads are very popular for removing liver of sulfur patina and polishing your hand-made jewelry.

Though not a complete replacement, they are similar to the pink sunshine polishing cloths only more disposable.  While the pink sunshine cloth offers a more aggressive range of polishing with dual sides, these pads can be more convenient.  I know many people who keep one in their jewelry box to polish up their jewelry just before they put it on.

Warning: Be sure to keep them dry!

The draw-back to these little polishing pads is they get gooey if you get them wet.  Then, instead of a nice polish, they smear the surface of your jewelry.

Where to purchase…

You can order these through my local supplier C&D Silver.  There may be other sources available, but as always, I like to provide you with at least one option for purchasing.