Image of Nikolas Clear Lacquer #2105

Nikolas #2105 Clear Lacquer for Silver:

This clear lacquer seals copper and silver without turning yellow for years to come.

Conveniently packaged in an aerosol can, Nikolas clear lacquer is a great clear coating to protect and seal your patinas on copper jewelry.  With a dry time of just a minute or so it’s easy to apply multiple thin coats for a sturdy sealant.

My choice:

Nikolas #2105 Clear Lacquer

Nikolas Clear Lacquer is a fabulous thin protective coating for copper jewelry.

Although it’s sourced through a company that creates lacquers for musical instruments, this sealant is a winner for jewelry projects as well.  Whether you want to maintain a bright copper finish or seal a patina on the surface, this lacquer maintains its clarity for many years.  If you leave a bit of tooth (or fine texture) on the surface of your metal, the lacquer will adhere really well. 

Though it’s generally quite durable, if you happen to have acidic skin (as some of us do), your perspiration, as well as other lotions, perfumes and hairspray can damage the coating.  If you are just making jewelry for yourself and those close to you, you can sand it off, refresh your patina and re-apply the sealant as needed (which could be years at a time depending on how much you wear the piece). 

Where to purchase…

You can get Nikolas Clear Lacquer through my local supplier, SJ Jewelry Supply or through Nikolas directly if you want a case.  Keep in mind that aerosols can only be shipped via ground services, so it may take a bit longer for shipping.