Image of a graph ruler

Graph Ruler:

This see-through graph ruler is very handy for use with making jewelry.

The transparent graph allows you to not only measure, but also to draft perpendicular lines.  It’s no wonder they’re typically found in the drafting department, because they’re great for plotting designs and measurements.

My choice:

2” x 12” Clear Graph Ruler

Graph rulers are a great solution for drafting perpendicular lines and measuring for jewelry making purposes.

Not only is it helpful that you can see through the ruler for measuring, but when you go to mark your work, it’s great to have the ruler flat to the surface.  With a traditional ruler, the end of the ruler is not often where the measurements begin.  The other downfall of a traditional ruler is the height of the edge, although not all rulers set above the surface. 

If you happen to have a ruler that works for you, then by all means use it!  But if you’re looking to purchase one, the graph ruler is definitely my choice.

Where to purchase…

You can find graph rulers like this one through drafting supply sources including the drafting section of the art supplies at Hobby Lobby.