Image of Euro Power Punch large hole punch

Euro Power Punch Large Hole Punch Pliers:

This is a fabulous hand tool for punching large holes in your jewelry components.

With 7 interchangeable pins ranging in size from 3/32” to 9/32”, this tool is great to have if you want some larger holes in your jewelry.

My choice:

Euro Power Punch

The key features I like in this punch as opposed to the Beadsmith version is the length of the pins.  Although the Beadsmith punch is very similar, I like to use this punch when working with tube settings which is a bit more advanced technique.

Want a larger hole in your jewelry component?  This large hole punch will do the job.

There are lots of reasons you may want a larger hole in a blank; some are aesthetic and some are functional.  For instance, if you want to use multiple jump rings through one hole to assemble your jewelry, it requires a larger hole.  Even if you have a drill press, larger holes can be a pain to create.  But not with this hand-held punch!  All you need to do is line up the blank and squeeze the handle.

Because the handle on these pliers is rather large and it has some weight to it, I often mount the handle in a vise to use it for more than one hole. 

These pliers are rated for piercing holes in copper or silver up to 16 gauge, but I usually don’t try anything thicker than 18ga.

Click here learn more about wire gauges.

Where to purchase…

You can purchase the Euro Power Punch through my local supplier SJ Jewelry or through Rio Grande.