Double Metal Hole Punch

Double Metal Hole Punch:

This dual size hole punch for piercing metal features a screw down method for punching the holes.

If you find it challenging to use hole punch pliers, you may really love that this hole punch has a screw down mechanism.  Once you align the metal with the punch, you simply spin the handle clockwise until the pin pierces the sheet.

My choice:

Beadsmith 1.5mm and 2mm Double Metal Hole Punch (Beadsmith #LPUNCH1)

Save your hands with this screw down style hole punch featuring 2 different size holes.

This alternate style hole punch doesn’t cause the same hand fatigue as the hole punch pliers, but it can be a bit more unwieldy to set up.  I have found that it’s super helpful to mount it in a vise when using it.  This allows you one hand to hold the piece you are punching and the other hand available for screwing down the pin. This hole punch is rated for 24 ga sheet.

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Most assembly requires the use of 16ga jump rings for strength and durability.  A 1.5mm hole is the perfect size.  It’s large enough for the ring to have room to move freely, while also not so large it allows for extra motion or play.  The 2mm hole is not something I commonly use, but can be a fun design element.

Where to purchase…

This double metal hole punch is available through my local supplier, C&D Silver.  If you aren’t local to Phoenix, AZ, you can call and place an order to be shipped to you.

Rio Grande and other jewelry supply stores also carry this item.