Image of Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend:

This soft cleanser is great for cleaning your metal especially before using a patina.

Found in the household cleanser section of the hardware store or Walmart and the like, this liquid cleanser is formulated for cleaning household metals.

My choice:

Bar Keepers Friend Liquid Cleanser – not the spray or the powder.

Bar Keepers Friend is great for cleaning your copper or silver in preparation for using patinas to finish your jewelry components.

You’ll want to look for the soft cleanser version as opposed to the liquid spray or the powder.  Be sure to shake it well and use it with a soft toothbrush to scour the surface of your copper.

This cleanser leaves a slight tooth for the clear coating to adhere to for lasting wear.  Just be sure to rinse it really well under running water and perhaps wash it off with some Dawn dish soap before applying any patina.

Where to purchase…

You can get Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser at your local hardware store in the cleaning section or at Walmart and that type of store.  Some grocer’s carry it as well, but it’s harder to find the soft cleanser as opposed to the powder or liquid spray which are not as effective or efficient as the soft cleanser version.