1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers

Beadsmith 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers:

These long reach hole punch pliers pierce a 1.5 mm hole in thin sheet which is a perfect size for using 16ga jump rings for assembly.

Hole punch pliers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to create holes in your jewelry components for assembly purposes.

My choice:

Beadsmith 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers (Beadsmith #PLHP15)

The key features I like in these pliers is the deeper jaw for more freedom of hole placement and the 1.5mm size.

Punch the perfect size hole in your thin sheet jewelry components using these 1.5mm hole punch pliers.

Most assembly requires the use of 16ga jump rings for strength and durability.  A 1.5mm hole is the perfect size.  It’s large enough for the ring to have room to move freely, while also not so large it allows for extra motion or play.  The longer jaw on these pliers allows you to reach further into a piece than the short jaw version. (However the short jaw version is stronger)  These pliers are rated for punching holes in silver or copper sheet up to 22 ga thick.

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Using the hole punch pliers is very similar to using a paper hole punch, but there are some nuances you should understand about setting up the tool for best results.  The position(or angle) you place the deepest part of the pin when you install or change it out (or maybe even when you first get it if it’s not set up properly) can yield better control of your hole placements as well as improving the lifespan of the pin.  It’s also important to use the ‘stop’ to set a proper depth when you squeeze the tool so you are less likely to mar your metal around the hole.

Here’s a video showing you the proper set-up for the Beadsmith Hole Punch Pliers…

The concept is the same for other brands of hole punch pliers, it’s just that the mechanism for the depth lock may be different.

PLUS there a great time saving tip in the video where I show how using a round grinding bur mounted in a pin vise becomes the perfect tool for cleaning up the edge of the holes you punch.  It’s worth watching the video just for this!

The key features I like in these pliers is the deeper jaw for more freedom of hole placement and the 1.5mm size.

Where to purchase…

You can purchase these hole punch pliers through my local supplier C&D Silver.  They are likely available through other suppliers as well or something similar by another manufacturer.  Just be sure to check into how the depth lock works for the version you purchase.