Image of Beadsmith stepped pliers for making perfect wire loops

Stepped Pliers:

My favorite tool for creating perfect wire loops.

My choice:

  • Beadsmith #PL48 

Available through my local supplier – C&D Silver as well as other jewelry supply sources.

These are my go-to pliers for wire wrapping beads!  While most jewelry makers use round-nose pliers, I have found that these stepped pliers not only help you make wire loops with a universal size loop, they also help reduce the tendency for getting tool marks.

They feature 3 different size “steps” for making consistent wire loops (or curves):

  • 2.5mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm

The opposing side is flat and tapered at the tip like chain-nose pliers.

Don’t confuse these with the pliers that look similar but have a concave side opposite the steps.  Those are best for holding loops.