Jenuine Rolled Loop Bail Class


Make your own fabulous bails!

  • no soldering
  • no-flip design
  • 1/4″ opening
  • hidden connection loop


sawing and filing (if you want to make your own blank) OR you can purchase a pre-cut blank from us.

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Have you ever wished you could make a sleek bail for a fabulous pendant you are making?

Then this is the class for you!

This is a custom design by instructor Jennifer Hanscom featuring a feminine flare.  The connection loop is situated within the bail allowing for a streamlined look while keeping the bail from flipping over while you are wearing the pendant.  The pattern features a 1/4″ opening upon completion which will fit on a 6mm bead strand or other larger scale necklaces.

This bail design is unique in that it does not require any soldering.  You will learn how to fabricate this fabulous pendant bail with detailed step by step instructions guiding you through every move right down to the specific tool placement and where to apply the pressure.  Then all it takes is a 16ga jump ring to attach it to your desired pendant focal.

Prerequisites:  You will need to know how to saw out a custom shape from sheet and file/sand the edges to prepare a piece.  Instruction for this is not included in this video tutorial or the written instructions.

This is a digital class showing how to make a rolled loop bail to customize your hand-made pendants.  It includes a downloadable pdf file of written instructions along with a link to the video tutorial.

Tools required:

  • Ultra-fine tip Sharpie marker
  • bail pliers
  • stepped pliers
  • emery paper (various grits)/sanding sponges/ slurry coated polishing cloths (or other polishing methods)

If you are cutting out your own blank, you will also need

  • scissors to cut the pattern
  • rubber cement
  • jeweler’s saw and bench pin
  • 3/0 saw blades (or other you like to use for cutting 24ga sheet)
  • silicone lubricant
  • jewelry grade files

Materials to complete the project:

  • .5″ x 1.5″ piece of 24 gauge sheet sterling silver or copper (as desired)

OR you can purchase a pre-cut blank.