Cleopatra – Alternating Chain Bracelet Class


  • link to video tutorial
  • pdf of written instructions with 39 step by step photos
  • both left-handed and right-handed instructions included

In this class you learn to make a variation of the Cleopatra Chain Bracelet where the rings alternate direction and size…

If you are already familiar with the Cleopatra chain pattern, you will love how this variation of the same technique offers such a different look.  With this project the size of the larger rings vary with the small rings highlighted on a top layer.  It’s not any more difficult than the traditional Cleopatra chain maille pattern, it’s just a unique spin on it.

Recommended pre-requisites for this class…


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This class includes:

  • downloadable pdf files (both right-handed and left-handed versions) of written instructions complete with 39 step by step process photos you can print and keep as a reference to work from
  • link to a video tutorial showing you the process in detail


Tools needed:


Materials needed: (yields 7.25” bracelet)

Click here for a kit…

  • Jenuine toggle clasp
  • (15) 8/32” ID 16ga sterling silver jump rings
  • (16) 6/32” ID 16ga sterling silver jump rings
  • (68) 4/32” ID 18ga sterling silver jump rings


Note:  When making a chain bracelet  you typically add about 1” to your actual wrist measurement.  Of course, this depends slightly on how tight or loose you like them to fit, but using this formula gives you a good estimate.  If you need a longer bracelet than 7.25”, you will need to augment the kit with additional rings.


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