1 x 1 Chain Necklace with Beads Class


Free written step by step instructions for the 1 x 1 Chain Necklace with Beads Project Tutorial

You get both right-handed and left-handed versions of the instructions ready for download.

Click here to watch the free video tutorial.

Here’s your opportunity to get the written instructions for our 1 x 1 chain necklace with beads project…

It’s free!  You just have to put it in your cart and check out to receive the documents to download.

You receive both right-handed and left-handed versions.  Left-handed craftsmen often like to open their rings with the left side towards the back and therefore they build their chain from the opposite direction.  So I have created instructions with photographs of this left-hand version so it’s easier to follow.

Print them out and start a binder of instructions for yourself for quick reference!  You’ll be amazed how helpful it can be to just look up how I advised doing something – even a simple project like this one.