Learn how to make a Waterfall Scalloped Link Chain Necklace …

Sample of the scalloped link waterfall necklace made with sterling silver medium size chain and 5 forged wire links dangling in a cascade focal.
Here's a view of the matching Scalloped Hook Clasp on the Waterfall Scalloped Link Chain Necklace
Image of the Scalloped Link Waterfall Necklace made with a long cascade of forged wire links on a short silver chain.

Assemble hand-formed and forged scalloped links in a ladder layout for a cascading silver focal.

The waterfall of scalloped links plunges from the necklace, dancing as you move.  Use a medium weight chain to make a longer style with a 5 link ladder to layer over Tees, turtlenecks, or any other high neckline.  Or use small chain to make a short necklace with a longer strip of narrow links for a sexy vibe.

Links and rings are created from 16 gauge wire and paired with commercial chain and a matching hook clasp …

This is the 4th project in the series.  There’s a recipe for each of the samples shown.  For this project we’re using the heavier 16 gauge forged scalloped links, but with a different approach than assembling them end-to-end.  Adding the commercial chain makes this project a bit quicker to make and keeps the focus on the cascade.  Plus, we again add the pro-touch of making a matching clasp.

With Measuring Charts Made Easy – our jewelry design system – you can easily make different versions of the same component …

You can see with these sample necklaces, simply changing the length of the curve in the scalloped links creates a different visual impact.  The shorter cascade features wider links and hangs from a chain with a matching scale. This combination evokes a bit more casual/put-together feeling.  But when the links are more narrow and the waterfall of links dips longer, suspended from a short and thin silver chain, the eye is drawn to the cascade as it flows down the chest.  This version feels minimal and sexy at the same time.

This is just one of the huge benefits of our Measuring Charts Made Easy System!  The charting system for drafting patterns to make jewelry components provides a framework that makes it easy to just switch out the interval plotted for the curve, and you’ve got a modification of the same link.  It’s perfect for making coordinating jewelry collections.


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