Learn how to make  this Boho Streamer Focal Necklace…

Sample of the Boho Streamer Focal Necklace in silver shown on a tall neckform.
Copper Sample of the Boho Streamer Focal Necklace
Detail of the undulating streamers in the Boho Streamer Focal Necklace

Undulating streamers drape with precision in this flowing Boho style necklace focal.

This focal works really well on a longer length necklace.  The streamers ripple as you move reflecting light and drawing attention.  The weight of the strips helps it drape well, but it’s not too heavy – it’s quite comfortable to wear.

Working with strips of sheet in the same manner as forming wire makes this piece catch your eye.

While just like other streamers from a profile view, working with strips makes a much bigger impact.  Adding a hammered texture adds even more interest.  The secret to forming these components is keeping everything on a perpendicular plane when you are forming.  Oh – and having a pattern to work from so you capitalize on the depth of the curves evenly bypassing each other.  Wondering how to achieve this?

Our Signature Course – Measuring Charts Made Easy – of course!

In our online jewelry making course, you’ll learn our 3-step process to draft your own measuring charts and use them as a reference for forming consistent components with ease.  Once you have patterns, this lesson takes the time to explain how the same patterns we use for wire designs can be used for working with strips of sheet.  This is a deep dive lesson since there’s lots of new aspects to cover.

You can expect lots of great guidance.  There are so many details that work together to help this piece drape really well.  And I explain them all in the lesson.  Questions are answered, like: whether it’s best to hammer first or file first, how to keep your strip straight while hammering, and how to get all the loops to showcase the hammered texture even though the loops reverse on some.  You’ll love the comprehensive explanations.


If you want to understand how to use a measuring chart to work with sheet – this is a very informative lesson!

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