Learn how to make Squiggle Link Earrings…

Handmade earrings featuring 2 squiggle links formed and forged from 18 gauge sterling silver wire.
Image of the squiggle link earring jewelry tutorial sample with a profile view.

These layered squiggle link earrings will challenge your forming skills.

I absolutely love the elegance of using squiggle links layered one over the other as mirror images.  It creates a beautiful meandering design.

The secret to getting layered links to drape perfectly is forming consistent links.

Gravity becomes your friend if you can align the loops right.  With one link simply hanging in front of the other, the links need to follow an imaginary line down the center.  With one curve on the left and the other on the right, the center of the squiggle links bypass, forming the double ellipse form.  So, how do you learn how to perfect this alignment?

Measuring Charts Made Easy – our Signature Course is your answer!

The videos for this lesson in our online jewelry making course show you how to draft a measuring chart to craft these squiggle links with consistency.  There’s detailed information about how to tweak the form to align them well both before and after you forge the curves.

While you may be able to figure out how to make this link on your own, it’d probably take you quite a while and lots of frustration with trial and error.  So why not just take the lesson?  With our the 3-step Measuring Chart System as the framework, you’ll be able to draft your pattern in no time, and you’ll have it ready for future use too.  Plus, there’s so many great tips and tricks spelled out for you.  Nothing is ever as simple as it looks, but with guidance you can enjoy the creative process and increase your chance of making a successful pair of earrings you’re proud to wear.


If you’ve struggled with mirror images and aligning undulating curves – this lesson will surely help you!

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