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Re-purposing Scraps of Silver

(registration instructions below)

Make something fabulous from your left-over silver scraps!  We will explore various methods of melting and/or fusing with the torch to give new life to the little bits you have been saving.  You will learn to melt it into spheres; to carve charcoal for rudimentary casting; and to fuse them into abstract “objects d’art”.

Discipline:  Fusing/Melting

The use of a torch to transform/bond silver.

Level:  Beginner (*)

This is a great beginner technique that can be refined to an art form with practice.


Desert Jewel Studio, 26839 N 44th St, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. You will receive directions upon registering for class.


Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 2-5pm.

How do I sign up?

Class will be $60/person. E-mail jen@jewelryclasseswithjen.com or call Jen at (480)635-2402 to register any time from noon to 10pm.

What will I need to bring to class?

Project Materials: 

  • Scrap bits of silver as well as pieces of sheet and/or wire to augment your design(s)

Tools:   (please inquire about tool rental if you are not equipped)

  • Jewelry grade file(s)
  • Flush cutter
  • Metal shears
  • Chain-nose jewelry pliers
  • Flat-nose jewelry pliers
  • Bail Pliers (Beadsmith # PL42) -optional
  • Wrap n Tap Pliers (Wire Loopers – Beadsmith #PL46 or Eurotool equivalent) -optional
  • Stepped Pliers (Beadsmith # PL48) -optional
  • Sanding sponges/Steel wool (#00)/Polishing pad (also available for sale in class)
  • Magnifying glasses – most people don’t think they need them until they are faced with seeing the detail of jewelry close-up.
  • Covered water or other refreshing beverage
  • Snacks are always welcome as well. 🙂

The following will be provided for your use in class:

  • basic soldering set-up
  • liver of sulfur
  • old charcaol blocks
  • wax/dental carving tools

The majority of the above items are available locally at C&D SilverSJ Jewelry SupplyLonnie’s Jewelry Supply or other on-line jewelry supply sources. If you have any difficulty or questions about obtaining any of these items, please contact Jen to inquire about your options.