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Pigtail Wire-wrapped Beads

(registration instructions below)

Master the basic art of creating wire-wrapped beads with the pig-tailing method!  I will share my methods for achieving regular round loops and coils with a snug fit.  I will explain the pros and cons to various wire weights and the relationship to the beads you are working with.  Then we will use a traditional chain pattern to join them – adding a bit of interest.  This is a great beginner class offering the fundamental basics for assembling jewelry.  You can make a bracelet, necklace, segment for the converta clasp, or just wrap some beads for future use.

Converta Clasp bracelets 4x6 72dpi wm copy

 Make chain bracelets using the converta clasps…

see the Converta Clasp Class for details

Converta Clasp necklace with extension 4x6 72dpi wm copy

 Pair the chain bracelets with the leather for a great layered look using the converta clasps…

see the Converta Clasp Class for details

Discipline:  Wire-working

Working with precious/semi-precious wire to form jewelry components.

Level:  Beginner (*)

This project is a basic fundamental for incorporating beads into wire jewelry.  Beginners can learn – intermediate students can refine their form.

Secondary Discipline:  Chain-maille

The use of jump rings in decorative patterns derived from ancient practices.

Level:  Intermediate (**)

Using the jump rings in a pattern that requires good positioning and placement can be a challenge if you are not already familiar with the art of opening and closing the rings.


Desert Jewel Studio, 26839 N 44th St, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. You will receive directions upon registering for class.


This class is not on the schedule at this time.  If you are interested in taking it, e-mail jen@jewelryclasseswithjen.com with your interest and availability.

How do I sign up?

Class will be $50/person. E-mail jen@jewelryclasseswithjen.com or call Jen at (480)635-2402 to register any time from noon to 10pm.

What will I need to bring to class?

Project Materials:

  • selection of beads to wrap
  • sterling silver dead soft wire – 20 or 22 ga preferred – must fit in the hole of your beads – 3″ longer than the bead length for each bead you wish to wrap
  • (8) 5/32″ID 18ga silver jump rings PER SEGMENT

Materials will be available in class for purchase.

Tools:  (inquire about renting tools if you are not equipped)

  • Jewelry grade file(s) – (needle files are fine for this)
  • Flush cutter
  • Sharpie marker (ultra fine point)
  • Ruler
  • Chain-nose jewelry pliers
  • Flat-nose jewelry pliers
  • Step pliers (Beadsmith # PL48)
  • Pin vise fitted with a 1 mm cup bur for 22 ga wire or a 1.3 mm cup bur for 20 ga wire
  • Bur life or other lubricant
  • Sanding sponges/Steel wool (#00)/Polishing pad (also available for sale in class)
  • Magnifying glasses – most people don’t think they need them until they are faced with seeing the detail of jewelry close-up.
  • Covered water or other refreshing beverage
  • Snacks are always welcome as well. 🙂

The majority of the above items are available locally at C&D SilverSJ Jewelry SupplyLonnie’s Jewelry Supply or other on-line jewelry supply sources. If you have any difficulty or questions about obtaining any of these items, please contact Jen to inquire about your options.