Measuring Charts Made Easy: Stage 2

U Curves and Spacers


The second stage of Measuring Charts Made Easy focuses on U Curves and Spacers…

A U curve is a curve that spans half way around a round tool, leaving the lengths of material on either side parallel to each other, just like the letter “U”.  And a spacer is just a distance to be plotted between other elements.  This class shows you how to chart these elements with ease and make the corresponding measuring tools for them.  Just like in Stage 1, I have crafted methods for charting that don’t require a ruler for measuring.  And we don’t even need a caliper for this stage! 

When you combine this reference with that which you developed in MCME Stage 1, you will be able to create measuring charts for a whole new series of components, including teardrops, hooks, and squiggles. I will briefly demonstrate how in this class, but there will not be time for practice.  There will also be a wide array of projects that demonstrate how these elements are used, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Where is the class?

Desert Jewel Studio, 26839 N 44th St, Cave Creek, AZ 85331. You will receive directions upon registering for class.


This class is not on the schedule at this time.  If you are interested in taking it, e-mail with your interest and availability.

How do I sign up?

Class will be $50/person.  E-mail or call Jen at (480)635-2402  to register any time from noon to 10pm.

What will I need to bring to class?


  • 14g, 16g, 18g, 20g round copper wire (mostly 16ga – a few feet is good)

Note:  I will have  wire available for purchase in class as well.

Tools for creating the reference:

  • Flush cutter (heavy and light if you have both)
  • Wrap n’ tap pliers (Beadsmith # PL46 or Eurotool equivalent – approximately 13mm,16mm,20mm steps)
  • Step pliers (Beadsmith # PL48 – approximately 2.4mm, 4.1mm, and 5.2mm steps )
  • Bail-making pliers (optional) (Beadsmith #PL42 – approximately 6.25mm and 8.5mm)
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Flat pliers
  • Magnifying glasses!!!  Most people don’t think they need them, but we are working with fine details.

Supplies for adding to your reference book:

  • cardstock – white for making tool pockets
  • colored paper – something that contrasts the white (we’ll be using this as a tool to divide segments evenly)
  • colored card stock in 3″ wide strips – something that contrasts the white (to make your measuring tools)
  • pencil/ erasure
  • pen (fine tip ball point recommended)
  • colored pens (fine tip ball point recommended)
  • ultra fine tip sharpie marker (clicky style is best)
  • clear packing tape
  • Ruler (to use as a straight edge) 😉
  • Scissors


The majority of the above items are available locally at C&D SilverSJ Jewelry SupplyLonnie’s Jewelry Supply or other on-line jewelry supply sources. If you have any difficulty or questions about obtaining any of these items, please contact Jen to inquire about your options.