Learn how to make Infinity Link Chain…

Learn how to form and forge infinity links from wire to make your own silver chain.

Make yourself this boho style Infinity Link Chain Bracelet by connecting infinity links loop to loop.

Here’s a jewelry making idea you’ll be proud to wear.  The lacy connection allows for lots of fluid movement making it easy to wear with casual elegance.  It may become your new favorite silver chain bracelet.

Have you ever tried to make an infinity link from wire?

Forming and forging these links with a consistent size and shape while maintaining a perfect “X” join in the middle is quite a challenge.  Fortunately, we have a system here at Jewelry Classes with Jen that’ll help.

Measuring Charts Made Easy – our Signature Course holds the secret to your success!

In our online jewelry making course, you’ll learn how to determine exactly how much wire you need to form each loop around your personal pair of pliers.  Once you know this measurement, you’ll be guided to make a pattern (or a measuring chart) to follow so you can easily get the same result every time.

And then when it’s time to forge the loops for that added strength and visual appeal, we’ve got you covered.  Our video lesson includes lots of detail on how to hammer these links while maintaining the shape.  If you haven’t tried it yet, when you hammer a curve, the metal likes to spread and move.  But you’ll be armed with the insights you need to learn how to control that movement and aim just right to correct things if they go awry.


If you’ve always loved infinity links, but found them too challenging to make – this lesson is for you!

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Link to the Infinity Link Chain Bracelet lesson in the Jewelry Classes with Jen Learning Center to learn how to form infinity links from wire and forge the curves for added appeal.