Want to make your own colorful copper earrings?  Free jewelry course

Well you’re in luck…   Here’s a free mini-course showing you how to make colorful copper earrings just like these with ease!


Option 1:  Ombre Dip

Colorful Copper Earrings Sample Option 1: Ombre Dip

Option 2:  Copper Highlights

Colorful Copper Earrings Sample Option 2: Copper Highlights

Option 3:  Dark Accents

Colorful Copper Earrings Sample Option 3: Dark Accents

This is a great project, whether you are looking for an activity for a girl’s night with your friends, a fun family project even your teens will enjoy, or a just seeking a fun hobby where you can escape for a few hours and get some personal respite.

All the information you need to make your own copper earrings with a fabulous patina is included in this free course!

There’s a series of videos which guides you through the process step by step including…

  • How to prepare your copper blanks, including punching holes, filing and sanding
  • The basic process of using liver of sulfur patina to create a beautiful spectrum of color on copper in an ombre pattern
  • How you can use sharpie marker as a resist to add interest and intrigue with shiny copper highlights or dark accents
  • Specific instructions to achieve all 3 of the designs shown in the photographs above
  • Instructions about how to start over in case you aren’t happy with your patina
  • Demonstration of sealing your patina to protect the finish for years to come
  • And how to securely attach your copper component to ear wires to complete the earrings

So… even if you have never made jewelry before, there’s nothing to fear.  This course truly explains it all in easy to understand segments, so you’ll be able to make your own amazing copper earrings you’ll be proud to wear and show your friends.  There’s also a bundle of written instructions that support the video content and provide you a quick reference while you are making your first pair of earrings and also, when you decide you need to make more because it was so fun!

The written instructions include:

  • A list of the tools and supplies you’ll need to gather for the project including links to information about each and where you can get them.
  • Reference instructions for punching holes, filing, and sanding your copper blanks
  • General instructions which summarize the preparation process, the patina recipe, and the process for all 3 approaches: ombre coloration, copper highlights, and dark accents
  • And project sheets with guides to easily apply your resist (marker) in the patterns shown with ease and consistency for great results.

All you need to do to get started is…

1)  Click on the button below to link over to the mini-course

2)  Watch the intro video to see what the course is all about and how to proceed

3)  Enter your name and email to get the written instruction bundle delivered to your inbox