Getting Started: Build your Foundation of Skills


Jewelry making is a big world that encompasses a lot of various techniques.  Our goal is to simplify the learning process by taking you on an exploration of the various fundamental skills.  We have prioritized the order for you in this outline to help you ease into the craft with respect to the accrual of tools.  We want you to be able to create something you are proud of right away, and then we’ll build your foundation with additional projects and demonstrations. As the outline builds, this will be a great reference for you to find tips and projects in each area.

Assembly (Opening and Closing Jump Rings)/ Chain-Maille

Jewelry is typically assembled with round links or “jump rings”.  You commonly find them near the clasps of necklaces, or linking various components together.  When they are assembled together in a linear length, we think of it as a chain. And there are also a myriad of ancient recipes that assemble them in decorative patterns referred to as chain-maille.  The most recognizable form is called wide chain maille which was used to form the mesh for the old suits of armor.

This is a fabulous place to begin your journey of learning to make jewelry because it only requires two pairs of pliers, yet you can make a large array of wonderful projects as you improve.  Plus it’s used throughout the art form of crafting jewelry from beading to gold-smithing.  This is a skill you will want to master!

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